Waikanae and Kapiti Marriage Celebrant

Special Wedding designed just for you and your partner

Penny Eames will conduct and plan your wedding ceremony in a way that makes the day particularly special.

You can work with her to create the ceremony, writing your own vows and then choosing readings and wording that will make the ceremony unique.

She has conducted weddings throughout New Zealand, but particularly in Waikanae, Paraparumu, Raumati, Wellington and several in Auckland. Increasingly weddings, especially for older couples are held in the couples own home with a small number of family around.

Many of my weddings are held on Waikanae Beach.   This magic piece of paradise provides a perfect setting for a wedding.   We do check on the tides, but the Estuary has spots that are good even at full tide, there are also lovely spots on the sand dunes, particularly if it is fine, but a bit windy.

Penny Eames has conducted weddings since 1981 when she received her license to conduct weddings.     During the thirty years she has been conducting weddings she has specialised on wedding that have a difference.

She has conducted weddings for Chinese, Indian, Pacific Islanders, Maori and Pakeha couples, but she has also conducted wedding for people with special extra needs, a couple who had intellectual challenges, several couples in the late 70’s and couples who have been living together for long periods of time.

Every wedding has its own special circumstance, special need and special flavour.        The venue, the atmosphere and the witnesses are special.

Several of the weddings have been conducted with interpreters – that is especially special and adds colour and increases the atmosphere and the understanding of the event.

As a specialist in Cultural Well-being, Penny draws on her understanding of a range of different religions, as well as acknowledges and respects those who want only a secular ceremony.

Email her for more information.     penny.eames@paradise.net.nz

the beach a wonderful backdrop to a wedding

Beautiful Waikanae Beach with Kapiti Island in the distance.

Another perfect place for a wedding in Waikanae is the bird sanctuary Nga Manu.     There is a little island which makes a perfect spot for a small wedding, but there is also a bigger area with an education centre which can be hired for the reception.      The words Nga Manu mean The Birds and the birds are so tame you can feed them.   There are lots of Tui and kererū.

The Kereru is especially tame.

The Kereru is the New Zealand Pigeon. Here being fed at Nga Manu