Cultural Economics

PSE Consultancy has been working with the measurement of cultural capital  and in the attached paper to the Japanese confrerence on Cultural Economics she will  be definint and promoting the way the economic value of cultural capital can be measured.   This paper is attached for free download.    Paper Measuring Cultural Capital

It also looks at how culture can attract investment with community and political support when defined in economic terms.

The paper That follows illustrates how cultural capital also influences social, environmental,  economic and cultural well-being. Examples of cultural capital use will include the design of a new housing development, income generation projects and the development of social capital using the arts.
Global understanding, social and economic cooperation and cultural diversity will be noted whereby cultural capital is used to promote understanding and peace.
The histories, stories, ideologies, values and rituals that are part of culture will be used to provide genuine progress indicators (GPI), which identify opportunity costs and explain multiplier calculations for economic planning.

Cultural capital investment will be identified that creates jobs, enhances cultural wellbeing, enables income generation and stimulates economic growth even in this challenging economic climate. The development of clusters, markets, hubs and arts marketing activities will be part of the discussion.

Free download as a pdf      Paper Measuring Cultural Capital